Norm Evans, Tackle for the Miami Dolphins and Monte Clark, Offensive Line Coach, got together recently to look back at the 1972 Perfect Season. Listen in as they discuss the play that made the season possible, “IR P10-11 EXPRESS”.
To hear the discussion, make sure you have either Apple’s Quicktime Player or an MP# Player and click under the listen button. If you do not have Quicktime click here to download it for free. Click on the play itself to zoom in and see the coaches' diagram.

NORM EVANS is a 14 year veteran of the NFL. He played in 3 Super Bowls and 2 Pro Bowls as well as playing 10 years at starting right tackle for the Miami Dolphins. He is currently President of Pro Athletes Outreach.

MONTE CLARK was a member of Miami's coaching staff from 1970-75, during which time he tutored the Dolphins' offense. He left following the 1975 season when he was named head coach with the San Francisco 49ers. He also went on to serve as head coach with the Detroit Lions from 1978-84.