Jeff Martin has [played professional baseball since 1992 with the Boston Red Sox. He and his wife Stephanie make their home in Nashville, TN.




Jeff Martin

If there's one thing I lived for as a young person growing up in Nashville, TN, it was sports. I spent countless hours playing baseball, basketball and football, and like many kids, I aspired to be a professional athlete.

While I enjoyed all three sports, I excelled in baseball and experienced a great deal of success in high school.

In addition to receiving district MVP honors three times, I was the 1988 Tennessee State Player of the Year and was a 1989 Gatorade First Team All-American selection. On top of that I was the first baseball player at my high school to have my number retired.

Following my senior year, I was drafted by the Cleveland Indians, and although I was completely consumed with becoming a professional ballplayer, I did not sign a contract. Instead, I went on to play at Vanderbilt University where I became an All-Southeastern Conference selection in 1992 as well as the team MVP.

Once again I was drafted -- this time by the Boston Red Sox, and that's when I made a decision to enter pro ball. I've enjoyed my experience since that time, and I feel fortunate to have to have realized my childhood dream.

While there was a tremendous amount of satisfaction that came with reaching this particular goal, I learned a life-changing lesson in the process. Sometimes we can be so focused on our own interests that we lose sight of what life is really all about.

I discovered at an early age that the real meaning of life is knowing the Author of Life -- Jesus Christ -- and serving him.

I grew up in a Christian school and always attended church, and I knew a lot about God. I made a decision to receive Jesus Christ into my life at age 9, but in high school, college and early pro ball, I gave in to many temptations and did not always honor the Lord with my life. Although people saw a good person on the outside, I knew in my heart that I was not living for Jesus Christ.

Even though I was saved, during my third year of pro ball I realized that the Lord was showing me I had to give every aspect of my life over to Him in order to have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." (John 16:33) That year I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ. I asked Him to guide and direct my life, and I began a personal relationship with Him.

I can honestly say that Jesus Christ has given my life meaning and purpose. Before I asked Him to come into my heart, my self-worth was based on how I performed. Because I belong to the Lord, I no longer have to worry about how the world sees me. Jesus Christ loves me unconditionally, and I can experience peace and contentment in every situation.

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