Chad Ogea

Young Dreams

Ever since I started playing tee-ball in Lake Charles, Louisiana, I dreamed of playing pro. At the time I was only four years old, but I just couldn't shake that dream. My dream came true when I was drafted by Cleveland in 1991.

A Good Year

Something else happened then that was even greater. I was working with a coach in Single A Ball. I noticed something about him that I wanted. He had a personal relationship with Jesus. He began sharing with me about this relationship.

My friend explained that it's not only knowing about Christ, but knowing Him personally. Through this friendship with my coach, I began to develop my own personal relationship with Jesus. My relationship with Christ grows every day. I love playing ball for Jesus.

Feeling Alive

About two years later I made it to the pros. I was called up after my first month in Triple A and then sent back down over and over. Finally, I made it. When we made it to the World Series I started games two and six. We were able to win both and I got to play for God. He helped me change and start fresh and I was so proud to play for Him. My relationship with Christ makes it so much easier to play ball and to grow in my friendships with others.

If you want to start over and really feel alive, listen to this: “everyone who hears these words of mine, and acts upon them, may be compared to a wise man, who built his house upon a rock.” (Matthew 7:24) Everybody's different and we all have different struggles, but we all need a rock in our lives. Will you let Jesus be your rock?

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