Atlanta Falcons Head Coach
Wife: Pam
Children: Dana, Lee and Laura
College: University of South Carolina
Favorite Scripture: I Corinthians 13

Dan Reeves

I was raised on a farm in Georgia. We attended a little country Baptist church, and there I accepted Christ as my personal savior at the age of nine.

Growing up, I played whatever sport was in season and always prayed for touchdowns and wins. If it didn't happen, I figured my opponents were better Christians. I came to realize that God doesn't take sides, but He is with you whether you win or lose--in good times and in bad.

I've leaned on God and His commandments in the Bible to overcome temptations in life. Things have gone smoothly when I stay close to Him, and He has always been forgiving when I have fallen short.

A knee injury ended my professional career as a running back. But what seemed tragic was a blessing. Two years later I was asked to be a player coach and entered a profession in which I thought I had no interest.

God has a wonderful plan for our lives.

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