Shaun Pollock (Captain, South Africa)

I grew up in a pretty normal South African family. We used to go to church on Christmas day and on Easter and we were taught good values.  I went to Sunday school as a kid and I knew the difference between wrong and right.  However there was no relationship with the Lord.  There was no understanding what it really meant to know Christ. Then my parents both became Christians.  I saw the change in their lives and their attitude towards me and towards each other changed dramatically.  They were different people and I knew that I wanted to be like that.   I asked my mother one day to say the sinners prayer with me and ever since then I have been a Christian and it has been great.

It becomes a lot easier to cope with the problems and challenges of  life when you are a Christian. I think you are able to keep everything in perspective. As you go through the Bible you pick up the principles that you need to obey.  If you stick to the teaching of  the Bible you will not go wrong.

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