Carolina Panthers
Ht.: 6-2
Wt.: 236
Position: Middle Linebacker
College: University of Miami
Favorite Scripture: Psalm 23, Ephesians 6:10-20

Michael Barrow

Growing up, God was somebody I would scream and cry out to whenever my mom would give me the whoopings I deserved, hoping He would cause her to stop. It didn't work.

During my redshirt year in 1988, I wasn't playing football for the first time in my sports life. Frustrated, I was ready to transfer schools. I accepted Jesus Christ, but had lots of ups and downs, especially when it came to living for Him.

In January of 1998, I recommitted my life totally to Jesus. I was down in the dumps--my relationship with my brother who was living with me was bad. Football, in spite of a huge contract with the Panthers, wasn't providing much joy. Through these trials, I learned to totally trust in God. I was delivered from sin, and the fruits and power of God's Holy Spirit started being seen in my daily life.

Football stopped being my God. Jesus Christ, and my desire to bring glory to Him, is now my only reason for living.

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