Atlanta Falcons
Ht.: 5-11
Wt.: 230
Position: Fullback
College: Northwestern University

Bob Christian

I grew up in a church-going family and I have always believed in God and Jesus. My parents loved me and would never steer me wrong, but one night I learned that I needed even more than they could ever give.

In eighth grade, I went to hear trumpeter Phil Driscoll. Between songs, he talked of what it meant to have a personal relationship with Christ.

I learned I was basically a good guy, but that I still deserved punishment for my sins. I would never by good enough to stand before a Holy God. I needed Jesus, the One who willingly died on the cross to pay the price for all of my sins--past, present, and future. That night, through a simple prayer, I asked Jesus into my heart and committed my life to Him.

God gives me the strength to fight temptations. I'm not perfect; I do mess up. But I have peace in knowing that in Him I can receive forgiveness, turn from my sin, and move on.

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