Norm Evans was originally drafted by the Houston Oilers of the American Football League. He was picked in the expansion draft by the Miami Dolphins and for the next ten years was the team's starting right tackle. Twice he was named the Dolphins outstanding lineman. Norm was picked up by the Seattle Seahawks in the expansion draft and was named offensive captain for the team's first three seasons. Norm has owned his own publishing business and has been in various businesses for 20 years. Today he is the president of Pro Athletes Outreach.




Norm Evans

Ever Been Scared?

It came just after I successfully completed my tenth year with the two-time Super Bowl Champions Miami Dolphins. My family and I were sitting down to dinner when the phone rang. It was coach Don Shula, and his message was short and simple; I'd been traded. The expansion Seattle Seahawks were looking for veteran leadership, and coach Shula said I was on my way. Sure, I thought. On my way from the top right down to the bottom. As I hung up the phone, I remember that feeling in my stomach and the solemn faces around the dinner table.

God Is My Confidence

The phone call came a long time ago. But several years before that, I made the most important conversation of my life when I decided to give control of my life to Jesus Christ. I knew He would always see me through anything. My three seasons with the Seahawks brought me many good friends and experiences. Then after 14 years of strapping on the equipment and doing battle on Sunday afternoons, in 1978 I retired. I look back on a career of playing on the only NFL team in history to go undefeated, playing in 3 Super Bowls and 2 Pro Bowls, with a smile. Today, it all seems like a distant dream. God has been so active in my life since then, I hardly miss playing. I do remember preparing for game day, training with such intensity, playing hurt. And I know what athletes and their families go through, what they sacrifice, how their careers can end so suddenly.

Changes, like the move from Miami to Seattle, or being on the front line and then moving on to retirement are never easy. But because Jesus is real, knows and loves me, I can go to Him with any challenge. I know He understands. He lived on this earth and came through the most difficult challenges a winner.

Life After Football

Knowing Christ is the most important thing in my life. Greater than all the awards. Greater than winning the Super Bowl. Today, He's directing my energies to help others begin their relationship with the Creator. As President of Pro Athletes Outreach, I've had the thrill of seeing pro athlete families open up to change and begin a new life in Christ. When I watch a game, I root for the players. Many times, there are athletes on both teams that my wife, Bobbe and I know very well. These players have my allegiance, more than the logos on their uniforms. I want them to know that God truly loves them, that He's got the eternal plan for their lives and that they have an unparalleled opportunity to tell the world about God's love.

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