Blane Gaison graduated from the University of Hawaii in 1981 and played for the Atlanta Falcons from 1981-1985. Today he and his wife, Donnalei, and their family (Pilialoha, Kapulani, and Iokepa) live in Kaneohe, Hawaii.




Blain Gaison

"What does it take to be successful? Several years ago, I found the answer for myself. What I discovered may surprise you. But it's something so real I have to share it with you...

I remember how it all began...

I had been an All-American at the University of Hawaii. All my life I had been successful both in the classroom and on the field. Playing in the pros had always been a fantasy for me, so you can imagine what a thrill it was for me to play with the Atlanta Falcons.

When I joined the team I thought I had everything. Until I met players like Steve Bartowski, Bob Glazebrook, and June Jones. I noticed there was something different and special about them. They had a peace and a joy in their lives I didn't have. But soon I found out what it was in them I wanted.

These guys would get together to read the Bible. One day they invited me to their meeting and I went. Sometime after that I remember Bob Glazebrook turning to me and asking, "Blane, if you died today, do you know whether you would go to heaven or to hell?"

Do you know what? I couldn't answer the question. And that scared me. Being a success-oriented person, I was used to coming up with the right answer and doing it. But now I was stuck.

Bob gave me a Bible, and as I started reading it something began to happen. The more I read, the more I realized how true the Bible was. Everything in it became so real to me. I remembered how often my grandmother had read the Bible to me while I was growing up.


Now it suddenly made sense....

One night, I got down on my knees in my little apartment in Atlanta, and I told God, "Lord, for years growing up I knew about you. But until now I didn't know that you were real. You're so real. This Bible is so real. The guys on the team are so real. I want to have the peace and joy they have. I want to go to heaven. And I know that the only way to go to heaven is to believe in my heart and admit with my mouth that you are my personal Lord and Savior."

From that point on my life began to change. I began to know that same peace and joy my teammates knew. My view of success changed. Before, I thought success was to be an All-American, go to college, have a nice house, and earn a lot of money. But I discovered that all the money in the world can't buy success. The only way to find success is in a personal relationship with the God who made me, who knows me, and who loves me so much that He died in my place on the cross. And it's a reality that will never leave me.

Knowing God and loving Him isn't always easy. But I know when things get tough I can turn to God and experience His strength, confidence and peace.

Would you like to experience these things? You can, through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Do you know Him? One way to find out is by asking yourself this question:

"If I were to die tomorrow, do I know if I would go to heaven, or to hell?" Here's how you can know for's all in the Bible.

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