Rich Gannon

For years I went to church and searched for whatever God could offer. I thought of myself as a Christian, but now I know that I wasn't leading a Christian life.

During my rookie season with Minnesota I decided to go to a chapel program for players and coaches. The speaker told us about the difference that Christ had made in his life. While I sensed that I had been blessed with more wealth and notoriety than he would ever have, I became jealous of the joy and peace that his life reflected. Wanting to find out more, a Viking's teammate later told me what I needed to find such contentment. I prayed to receive Christ as my personal Savior.

I now feel more whole as a person. I have more to offer those that I love the most--my family, friends, and relatives. I now experience the joy and peace that only Christ can provide, knowing that wherever I go, or whatever I do, He is with me.

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