Kent Graham

As a freshman at Notre Dame, I had plans and dreams to excel as a college quarterback. Soon the Irish were running the "option offense" and as a 6-5 drop-back passer, the future looked bleak. So after my sophomore year, I transferred to Ohio State. The Buckeyes also switched to the option. I stayed this time and was drafted in the eighth round by the New York Giants. Things didn't work out in college the way I thought they would, but spiritually I grew a lot, and I know that God was in control.

My career in the NFL has been exciting. I have played for four different teams including the Giants for the 1998 season and now I'm with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Decisions in life can be hard, but I find my guidance from God's Word (the Bible). It's different from any book you'll ever read. When you read it, you'll be pleasantly surprised as how it applies to your life – even to sports. The Bible points us to the greatest relationship a person can have – one with Jesus Christ

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