David Hughes played football at Boise State University. In 1981 he was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks and played with them until 1985. In 1986 he joined the Pittsburgh Steelers and then, after a knee injury, retired. Today, David and his wife, Holly, and their children live in Kirkland, Washington.




David Hughes

"Who's the most important person in your life?"

When I was a kid, no one mattered more to me than my father. I loved him a lot, and I knew he loved me. We played all kinds of sports together. Football. Baseball. Basketball. We were very close. He was the focus of my life. Everywhere he went, I went.

I was only 11 when my father died. I remember the day I found out, Easter Sunday. It was like the end of the world. For the next fifteen years I felt a lot of pain. Gradually, things crumbled.

I fell away from my family. In junior high and high school I got involved with drugs and alcohol. I thought I was pretty cool. But inside I was very unhappy.

For years I looked for answers...

After my dad died I felt a huge void inside. Nothing could fill it. The love of my wife and kids couldn't fill it. Money couldn't fill this feeling of emptiness. Neither could football.

It was after my second year in the NFL when things changed. I had injured both of my ankles. One was in a cast. During the off season I went to see a man in Hawaii who massaged my ankles. For the first time I felt strength in my ankles. I could move them again.

I told this man, "Thank you." He said, "It's not from me. The true healing comes from above."

He was right. True healing, true love, comes only from above--from God. My "new ankles" reminded me of the new life God had given me when I accepted His son, Jesus Christ, into my life. It made perfect sense to give my life to God. He created me, so He knew me better than anyone else. He knew exactly what I needed in life. I needed Him.

Peace inside.

When I gave my life to the One who created me, God filled my emptiness with His love. There was no lightning bolt. I just felt a peace inside that I never knew before. It's a peace only God can give.

Today, my life has changed. I've found someone who loves me even more than my dad. Now, I walk closer to another father--a Heavenly Father who will never die.

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