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Randy Jordan

Backyard Football

Even though I was a two time state track champion, I loved football too. In our small town of Manson, NC we organized neighborhood teams, got T-shirts, had a schedule of games and even played a Super Bowl at the end. We called it "backyard football" and we loved it.
When I got to UNC Chapel Hill I couldn't play the first year because of my high school grades. On top of that, I changed positions and even had to fight a serious injury. In the end I was named "Comeback Player of the Year" as a senior and signed as a free agent with the Raiders in 1993. When they cut me in '94, I sat out one year and then signed with Jacksonville.


During the 3rd game of the inaugural season for the Jacksonville Jaguars, I ran 76 yards for the first touchdown in franchise history. It was also my first touchdown. What a moment…
Still, I wasn't very happy. Actually, I was very angry and running from people and God. When I was 16 my mom died and I never knew my dad. Sports had been my refuge for a long time, but acceptance from fans and teammates wasn't enough anymore. I still wanted my mom back and one afternoon I couldn't stop crying. That day Al Egg asked me if I knew Jesus. At that time I didn't, so I prayed with Al and began getting to know Him.

Loved Beyond Belief

In John 3:16 I found out God "gave His only Son to die for us" so that we, you and I, could go to Heaven. He loved us that much then and He never stopped, but God can't really help us live our lives unless we put it all on the line for Him. Guys like Mike Jones and Winston Moss helped me realize this and my wife encourages me too. Like the prodigal son, I took the money and ran. Lived my own way. God wants us back and He takes us no matter what. He's just waiting to throw a party the moment you come home.
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