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Paul Krause

An Early Start

When I was only 7 years old, I could tell I was different. I already loved baseball and played on our Flint City Championship team. The thing that was especially different-my teammates were all 12 years old. By junior high my reputation as a lover of sports was well established and sports continued to come easy to me all the way through high school and college. In high school I lettered 14 times in 4 different sports. I played 4 sports in college as a freshman in Iowa, too, but cut back to keep my grades up. It was during my college career that I dislocated my shoulder and lost the edge I needed to be as good as I wanted to be on the baseball field. From that point on, my football career took off, eventually landing me a position on the Washington Redskins team.


With all this ability, I credit my upbringing with keeping me solid, with both feet on the ground. My parents were always interested in my activities and asked how I was doing, but God came first. I often missed practices to attend Wednesday night prayer meetings at our church. My love of sports and my talent were important, but my parents knew it was God who would direct my life and help solidify that direction.

Tried and True

Once God's direction took me to the NFL, I was glad I had seen my parents live the Christian life and that I had lived it with them. It was not popular to be a Christian in the NFL in the 1960's, but some of us started a Bible study anyway and it grew and grew until most teams had one. When I was traded to Minnesota, I was tested a bit again, but am glad to say that I never gave in and remained true to what God has taught me. A few of us started a Bible study in Minnesota, too, and it grew to 20 or 25 guys even though it still wasn't cool to be a Christian.

Little did I know a much bigger test was coming. About two and a half years ago my wife was in a car accident. A friend called to say she hadn't arrived and when I went out to look for her I found a helicopter rushing her to a nearby hospital. She had to be revived twice on the way there. Somehow I knew she would live, but for five and a half months she was in a coma. The battles did not end when she left the hospital, either. An injury to her brainstem has changed her personality some and she has to have care 24 hours a day. I have experienced just about every emotion you can imagine during all of this and I still don't know why it happened. But I trust that God knows and when I get to heaven, I'll ask Him. For now I know that my wife and I have grown closer and our whole family continues to prayer for her recovery. The doctors tell us that the brainstem can heal and we have hope.

The Rest of the Story

Pro Football Hall of Fame honors Paul Krause

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