Pittsburgh Steelers
Ht.: 5-11
Wt.: 192
Position: Cornerback
College: North Carolina State University
Favorite Scripture: Phil. 4:13, Psalm 119:9-11

Dewayne Washington

I grew up with my mom after the divorce of my parents when I was six years old. My mom made sure we always went to church. I had a belief in God and never questioned His existence, but my view of Him was vague.

While with Minnesota, I attended a players' Bible study for three years. I knew I had never asked Jesus Christ to forgive me of all my sins and I knew that I needed His forgiveness in order to go to heaven.

Finally, after I had gotten married and our first child was on the way, I found myself asking, "What more is there to experience?" At the next Bible study, I realized why I felt empty in the midst of "success." That day I invited Jesus Christ to come into my life and to forgive me of all my sins.

He has given me eternal life, and He's given me peace even in difficult situations because I know He's in control of my life. He is Lord.

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