Wes Welker

Friends have had a huge impact on my life, both in football and in my relationship with God. I was brought up in a Christian home, but when I got to college, I kind of let things slide. Aside from football, my main concerns were girls, drinking, and hanging out with my friends.

But then one day I had lunch with John Strappazone, who ran chapels for the Texas Tech football team. He helped me see that I wasn’t taking life seriously, that I was just messing around. Many of my buddies were in the same boat. We were all raised in Christian homes, but we were leading each other in the wrong direction instead of building each other up.

I started meeting with John once a week to study the Bible and learn about being a Christian. I also started meeting with a group of Christian friends. It was a little weird at first. We were used to harassing and teasing each other, but now we were having serious conversations about God. We even cried in front of each other! But meeting like that really helped us deal with the important issues of life.

I’m still close with those guys today. Staying true to my faith in this league is tricky, but it helps knowing I can always count on my friends and God for support.

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