Shiny Wilson

Shiny set the track ablaze for India in the eighties, winning many Asian gold's and establishing records. She was one of Asia's finest 400 metres and 800 metres contestants. A veteran of four Olympics, Shiny was declared the best woman athlete at the SAF games in Chennai in 1995.

Being accused of changing lanes in the middle of an international event can happen to a track star. It happened to Shiny Wilson in the 800 metres during the 1986 Asian Games. Her desire to win did not surpass her desire for honesty. She admitted her mistake. She did her part by making a frank and honest confession of what happened. She did not worry about what people were thinking or what they would be saying about her. She continued to look ahead towards the next event.

What is the secret to such strength of character, resilience and single-minded purpose?

She attributes it to Jesus. She says, "Jesus has helped me in every situation. He has been my strength and guide." Prayer has been a consistent part of her life and national fame has only strengthened this part of her relationship with God.

Her parents encouraged her to get involved in sports at a young age. Hard work has paid off for Shiny. Her parents encouragement, her determination and a close relationship with God have all played a part in her achievements. She has represented India in over seventy events.

Shiny says, "I pray before every event. If there are others in the camp who share my faith, we spend time reading the Bible and praying together. There is a great sense of togetherness in these camps. Even those of different faiths join us when we pray together."

Her career as an athlete has seen disappointments but there have also been great accomplishments. She has had the privilege or participating in three Olympics Games: Los Angeles, Seoul and Barcelona. She was the captain of the Indian Contingent in the Barcelona Olympics. She has also represented the country in three Asian Games and has won a gold, two silvers and a bronze. In the Asian Track and Field meets, she won 7 gold's, 6 silvers and 2 bronze. She received the Arjuna Award in 1984 and then was given the Chinese Journalist Award which is given to the 10 best sports persons in Asia. She became the Asian champion after having a baby. She views this as her greatest achievement.

Her husband, Wilson, is also an athlete. He is her most consistent strength and support. Apart from her husbands support, she attributes her success to her God-given abilities and the power of God behind her.

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