Chad Hawker

Chad Hawker is a 28 year old professional triathlete from Monterey, CA. He has competed in triathlons for 6 years, but what is significant is that the first 2-1/2 years were completed with a brain tumor in his pituitary gland. In 1998, surgery successfully removed the Pituitary Adenoma. He believes that this seemingly tragic situation was a blessing from God as "it has enabled me to grow so much as not only an athlete, but a person."

Chad has illustrated his recovery from the brain tumor while proving himself as one of the best triathletes in the world. The Deputy Director of the USA Triathlon Federation was recently quoted as saying; "Chad Hawker is one of America’s brightest hopefuls to win the Hawaii Ironman in the next 5 years." With 6 international triathlon wins in the past 3 years, he is well on his way to winning the Ironman World Championships held every October in Kailua-Kona, HI. In 2001, his first year racing professionally, he earned a top 10 ranking in the USA and top 50 internationally. World renown triathlete and Ironman winner Scott Tinley said, "Chad Hawker possesses the talent, discipline and motivation to become the next top performer in the sport of Ironman triathlons."

Aside from his athletic accomplishments and future potential Chad’s powerful testimony of Christian faith, optimism and perseverance in the face of trials remains an encouragement to the many he comes in contact with and as he speaks to community groups, schools and churches. He is living proof that God allows adversity into our lives to make us stronger and more dependent on the One who has a perfect plan for our lives.

In 2000, God gave Chad a vision to start what is today called IronPrayer’s. It has now become a regular event at many Ironman races around the world. Learn more at Chad is also a committee member of Trinity Triathletes. A group designed to connect Christian triathletes from around the globe via the internet.

The Hawk is now selecting his sponsors for the 2002 season. He will be accepting 1 Platinum Sponsor, 6 Gold Sponsors, 12 Silver Sponsors, and 24 Bronze Sponsors to join him on this exciting journey. You will not only be helping him to race and train, but to use his God-given talents to make a positive difference locally and around the world. Please take a look at the advantages of each level of sponsorship and how you could both benefit and support Chad. Then complete the application and be prepared for an exciting journey with The Hawk.

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